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Digital Luggage Scale

Product Description: Up to 110 /Lbs Digital Luggage Scale with Temperature Sensor 

List Price: $49.95 - Instant Savings: $37.00 (74%) 

Luggage Digital Scale

Price: $12.95 (retail) 

Best Deal:

Now that airlines are charging extra for just about everything - including using the lavatory - the last thing you need is to get caught at the airport with excess baggage fees. This digital luggage scale gadget will ensure  that you stay comfortably within the limits.

How Digital Luggage Scales Work 

This digital scale for luggage features a rubberized handle for easy gripping, a clear LCD screen, and is constructed with both steel and durable plastic. It can't handle weighing bags heavier than 110 pounds, though.

  Design and Features
  • Accurate readings for hefty weights: Capacity: 110 lb, Graduation: 0.1 lb
  • Clear and readable digital LCD display with low battery and overload indications.
  • Tare and auto-off functions to preserve both time and energy.
  • Durable and heavy duty to stand the test of time and travel.
  • Lock weight results after stabilization for the ability to efficiently record results. 
Digital Scale for luggage

How to use Digital Lugguage Scales

Weighing your baggage is pretty easy with most scales. A weighing scale for luggage comes with batteries and sometimes come in a little case to take with you when traveling. If the unit can switch between pounds and kilograms, check to see what unit of measurement it is currently on when you switch it on.
Usually you can change to your desired unit by pressing and holding the power button until the display flashes the new unit or by pressing a separate button. Then loop or hook the strap around the luggage handle, grip the scale head and lift vertically. Hold it up long enough for the bag to stay steady and the scale display to settle on a weight. Once you’ve checked the weight of your luggage, you can either switch it off or reset it to 0.
Digital Lugguage Scales

When buying a luggage digital scale you should look for things like durability, ease of use, long lasting battery, precision and an easy to read display. You can surely find quite a good one for under $15.

The Pros

  • Reliable reading
  • Easy to carry
  • Weight display in kilograms or pounds
  • Simple to attach and lift

The Cons

  • Requires strength to lift the luggage
  • Previously displayed weights not saved
  • Some trouble in displaying correct weigth in small items


This Smart Digital Scale for Luggage seems like a very good product to make your packing preparation more convenient, but it can be stressful to having to ask someone help for weighing the luggage. 

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