Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Stauer Monaco

A free car with every watch? keep reading Many Swiss watches cost more than my new car. So we at Stauer decided to replicate the movement of a magnificent $26,000 Swiss automatic watch but sell it to you at this exclusive Stauer price. So you end up with more than just a little change in your pocket. How did we build such a fine timepiece and save you enough to buy a brand new sedan or SUV in the process? We spent over $31 million, but took our factory across the border and out of Switzerland. By using Swiss built machinery, Swiss trained engineers and the highest quality parts, we were able to build this limited edition Stauer Monaco automatic timepiece for 93% less than a comparable luxury model. The Stauer Monaco features a 6-hand movement and displays the date and day of the week. A third interior dial displays 24-hour military time. The exquisite automatic movement is powered by your body s motion so it never needs batteries. The interior workings have over 185 parts assembled by

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