Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Stauer 1944 Gold Ritorno Timepiece

We found our most important watch in a soldier s pocket Summertime, 1944. A weathered and weary U.S. Sergeant is walking in Rome only days after the Allied Liberation. He finds an interesting timepiece in a store just off the Via Veneto. He loved the way it felt in his hand, and the hunter s back that opened to reveal a secret compartment. Besides the Purple Heart and the Bronze Star, my father cherished this watch because it was a reminder of the best part of the war for any soldier the homecoming. He nicknamed the watch Ritorno for homecoming " and according to The Complete Guide to Watches, the rare heirloom is now valued at $42,000. We wanted to bring this piece of history back to life in a faithful reproduction. We ve used a 27-jeweled movement reminiscent of the best watches of the 1940s. We hope it reminds you to take time to remember what s truly valuable. Brown watch band fits wrists 7 ½ "-8 ¾ ".

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