Thursday, 18 December 2014

Scienza Sapphire Legend Earrings

Famous sapphire escapes? Maybe one day. But don t hold your breath. Our friends in Washington D.C. don t to plan release their 423-carat blue beauty back into the wild anytime soon. First discovered on a fabled island in the Indian Ocean, the giant sapphire was whisked away to live a life of luxury in America. Today it s protected by bulletproof glass, where crowds of tourists can safely ogle it all day long. But we re not big on safe ogling. We d rather you wear it. Or at the very least, something that looks remarkably and spectacularly similar That s why we recreated the look of one of history s most important gems for the Scienza Sapphire Legend Collection. Each piece showcases a deep blue, lab-created Scienza sapphire. The emerald-cuts are expertly set inside .925 sterling silver frames adorned with blazing white, lab-created Diamond Aura rounds. Chemically, the composition of Scienza is identical to natural sapphire. But real gems of this size, color and near flawless quality are

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