Thursday, 18 December 2014

Nizam Seed Pearl Bracelet & Earrings Set

Thank heaven for little pearls Wear the timeless look of royalty! Indulge yourself with thousands of stunning saltwater seed pearls The Nizams were the princely rulers of Hyderabad. For seven generations and over 220 years their family dynasty ruled central India. They helped usher in the industrial revolution. They constructed ornate palaces and public buildings. And of course, they amassed a fortune in precious gems. But while their legendary collection was among the largest in the world, it was likely the tiniest jewel that they valued most. Seed pearls have been a staple of Indian royalty for centuries. The small (usually no bigger than 2mm) saltwater pearls were collected from rich oyster deposits in the Red Sea and used as lavish decoration for the royalty s luxury lifestyle. Our Nizam Seed Pearl jewelry was inspired by some of the remarkable pieces found among the rulers massive collection, now considered a national treasure. The 7 ½ " Nizam Bracelet features strands of lustro

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