Sunday, 7 December 2014

Ghost Moon Bracelet

Under a blue ghost moon Between the jagged, black-gray mountains, a dusty road leads into Nevada s Eldorado Canyon, where the mines in the 1800s bred gold fever and greed. Beneath a pale moon, a shadow on horseback appears a woman, clad in black with a weathered, black hat. The only color is around her wrist a bold, blue bracelet. It s a stunning statement of unbridled blue, streaked with the natural, lightning veins of Southwestern stones. This is Nevada Blue, a vivid, blue-green beauty that evokes the long western plains and the endless frontier of the midnight sky and this is our luxurious new Ghost Moon Bracelet. We ve paired striking Nevada Blue and Southwestern-inspired metalwork in this bracelet. It s a collection of ethereal blues that you can have at our red hot, exclusive Stauer price so order today, for the Ghost Moon is soon to disappear

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