Thursday, 18 December 2014

Fortuno Blue, Diamondaura And Blue Topaz Earrings

This is what lucky looks like It s my mother s fault I believe in magic. She cherished one piece of jewelry more than all the others for its enchanting powers. " Her captivating earrings with an enormous polished turquoise-colored cabochon made her feel like a star. They are a eye-catching accessory that only came out for special occasions. But every time they did, she asked me to rub them for luck. She swore it never failed to bring good fortune, and I believed her. I still do. Today I m passing that luck on to you with the remarkable Fortuno Blue Earrings. At the center is a brilliant, blue cabochon set in gold-fused sterling silver, surrounded by a sea of sparkling, lab-created DiamondAura and brilliant-cut, London blue topaz. This is the product of a jeweler who works like a painter, creating a canvas of flickering facets and fiery color with a palette of gems. These earrings double the magic (or do they triple it?) and secure with lever-back clasps. This is a bold, dramatic look,

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