Thursday, 18 December 2014

18K Gold-Finished Mother Of Pearl Moonglow Earrings

What a little moonlight can do If you listen to almost every love song ever written, a little moonlight can make any night more romantic. If you follow ancient Chinese folklore, the midnight light works like magic. Let just a little bit into the open mouth of an oyster and you ll get a glorious white pearl. We definitely had pearls, moons and magic on our mind when we discovered this Mother of Pearl Moonglow Earrings. These earrings dangle like a low hanging full moon. Up close, the gorgeous color play in the Mother of Pearl comes alive with every turn and twist. Not surprising since it s made from the precious nacre found inside the world s most prized oysters (the very same stuff that eventually coats the fabled pearl). Framed by an etched, 18K gold-layered bezel, the smooth disc radiates a rainbow of heavenly hues. Since Mother Nature rarely paints the same picture twice, every pair will be different. But that variety only adds to the beauty.

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