Wednesday, 17 December 2014

14K Gold-Finished Morgan Silver Dollar Watch

America s silver sweetheart goes gold Wear a genuine Morgan Silver Dollar finished in 14K gold! You should have seen the look on his face. Once he found out that he had drilled into the wrong cache of vintage coins, the poor guy was inconsolable. But thanks to our watchmaker s mistake we found a way to turn historic silver into timekeeping gold. One of the most widely desired of all U.S. coins, the Morgan Silver Dollar has become a legend. It s easy to see why the largest silver currency ever to circulate in the United States, Morgan dollars are 90% fine silver. Through our exclusive partnership with America s leading coin dealer, we are able to bring you this unique timepiece for a remarkable price. Master watchmakers at Stauer have combined this beloved coin with a legendary Swiss movement to create the Gold-Finished Morgan Watch. Every watch features the face of a genuine, 14K gold-finished Morgan Silver Dollar, set inside a gold-finished, coin-edged case. Master engraver George Mo

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