Tuesday, 25 November 2014

The Mapenzi Tanzanite Ring

The Gem of the Century 1,000 times rarer than diamonds For the First Time Ever The Mapenzi Tanzanite Ring-Over One Carat of Tanzanite in .925 Sterling Silver! Tanzanite is fast becoming one of the world s most coveted gemstones But this superstar of luxury jewelry had to wait millions of years before it was ready for its close up! Lucky for you, it was worth the wait. Need proof of that? Look no further than our BRAND NEW Mapenzi Tanzanite Ring-now available at this unbelievable price! The ancient eruptions of Africa s Mount Kilimanjaro created a unique set of conditions that led to the formation of tanzanite deep below the surface of the savannah. It sat patiently for over 585 million years until fate and electricity introduced it to the world. According to Maasai legend, a powerful lightning strike set the African plains on fire, heating the stones below the surface and uncovering the beautiful secret. But it wasn t until 1967, that the Tanzanian people shared their secret with the

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