Saturday, 18 October 2014

Oval Ruby Earrings

FOUND: Giant genuine ruby seeks loving home In 1661, Nga Mauk was fishing when a crimson flash caught his eye in the river. What the poor villager pulled from the water was more impressive than any fish. It was a huge ruby of exceptional color. While such a prize should have set him up for life, Nga Mauk knew his luck wouldn t last. His king demanded first choice of all precious stones and the prized ruby quickly became royal property. What else would you expect when dealing with the rarest of all precious stones? Rubies inspire the kind of passion that other gems can only dream about. Keeping them to yourself is almost impossible. That s why as soon as we sealed this extraordinary deal, we couldn t wait to share it. Our Oval Ruby Earrings are rare beauties. After meeting with merchant after merchant and sifting through satchel after satchel of tiny stones, I was bored. Bigger, " I said. Much bigger. " Kadir nodded and slipped away into the back room. He spread the stones out on the t

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