Saturday, 18 October 2014

Mirantique Gold-Finished Earrings

Music to her ears The greatest love songs never get old. Stardust, the reigning king of romantic standards started out as a jazzy instrumental in 1927. After lyrics were added in 1929, it went on to become the most recorded song in history. Today there are more than 1,500 versions and you can bet that there are more versions still to come. True classics always make a comeback. The same goes for a timeless piece of jewelry like the hoop earring. Popular since antiquity, it seems impossible to improve on the simple elegance of a perfect circle. But somehow we found a way. Our Stardust Earrings glimmer brilliantly with 58 fiery white crystals and sparkling stripes of twinkling stardust. These earrings deserve an encore!

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