Sunday, 13 July 2014

The Stauer Avier Watch

The pilot s secret weapon You know you re in trouble when the flight navigation system breaks down. But, Paul remained cool. Don t worry, he said. I have everything I need right here. And with a smile, he pointed to his watch. Was he joking? I know pilots have a good sense of humor, but when you re flying blind, nothing is funny. In 5 more minutes I ll bank right and 12 minutes and 23 seconds after, we ll start our descent. Neither his words, nor his confidence offered any comfort to the knot in the pit of my stomach. But true to his word, we began to see the light from the flight tower. There is nothing like the fear of the worst to bring about a change for the better. I never wore a wrist watch before, but the first thing I did when we arrived in Saint Martin was buy the exact watch Paul used to navigate us there safely. Now, you can own this amazing timepiece without ever leaving the ground. The Stauer Avier Watch uses a precision quartz movement, ensuring the accuracy of every sec

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