Sunday, 13 July 2014

Stauer Hrh Jubilee Watch

Now even commoners can wear the British crown Genuine British Crown On June 7, 1977, more than one million people lined the streets of London to catch a glimpse of Queen Elizabeth II. It seemed as if the entire nation had come out to commemorate her Silver Jubilee, the 25th anniversary of Elizabeth s ascension to the throne. The celebration lasted all year and included street parties, international tours and the redesign of official British currency. In case you missed the party, we ve found a way for you to try on the British crown for yourself. Our designer transformed a cache of historic British coins to create the HRH Jubilee Watch. Inside the gold-layered stainless steel case we ve set a genuine 1977 Silver Jubilee crown, choosing the elegantly-designed obverse side of the coin as the dial. The coin features a wreath of twisting vines surrounding a bird poised over an annointing spoon. A depiction of Her Royal Highness crown sits at the 12 o clock position. Inside, a precision Sw

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