Sunday, 13 July 2014

Stauer Corsican Tourbillon

We found our finest watch in a history book While Napoleon was conquering Europe, the world s finest watchmaker was conquering gravity. Abraham-Louis had made a clock for Napoleon but his new invention would become the most prized timepiece for the next 207 years the Tourbillon. As Napoleon was being crowned King of Italy, Abraham Louis was receiving his patent for a movement so complex that it would counter the effects of gravity. Today only a handful of fine watch craftsmen can build a tourbillon. Rolex doesn t even try. Stauer not only has mastered the rotating cage and the hand-crafted escapement but we do it at a price that literally sets back the clock to Napoleon s time. The Stauer Corsican is offered at our exclusive price. None of the so called luxury brands price their tourbillons at under $20,000, but they still believe in the outdated notion that luxury hand craftsmanship needs to be exorbitantly overpriced. We believe that the Corsican will become the most successful of t

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