Sunday, 13 July 2014

Stauer Atropos Swiss Watch

A moment in heaven Swiss made She couldn t sleep. Maybe she was excited about a snowy weekend on the slopes. Maybe it was the time change from New York to Switzerland. Whatever the reason, she was awake and that meant no sleep for me. We wrapped ourselves in blankets and watched the night morph into morning over the Alps. I m glad we did. I ve had vivid dreams in my life, but nothing compares to what I saw that morning with my eyes wide open. The cold dark of night faded into pinks and blues. White clouds drifted below us in the valley. And the evening stars flickered their farewells for the day. We sat transfixed while the sun crept up over the horizon. Its golden light danced a crossed the snowy peaks and for a moment, the world seemed buried in diamonds. We slept until lunch. Some moments you want to savor forever. Whether it s a perfect view or a perfect date, the Stauer Atropos is a watch that rises to the occasion. It s a classic in gold-toned stainless steel, with a hypnotic ir

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