Sunday, 13 July 2014

Stauer Advancer Hybrid Watch

The watch that always stays one step ahead Experience the excitement of the hottest timekeeping technology with the Stauer Advancer Hybrid! I watch the clouds from above and think to myself, This is what it must have looked like from Mount Olympus. " And as I m streaking through the sky at 300 miles per hour, 30,000 feet over Europe, I feel a bit like Apollo in his chariot. Though I d prefer to have more legroom, this is one of those flights where I remember to sit back and enjoy the ride. We all get busy. Sometimes we take modern life for granted. But when we slow down, we realize that our world is full of technological miracles, everyday conveniences that would look like magic only a century ago. Take this watch. The Stauer Advancer Hybrid is a triumph of modern imagination. It combines the brawn of an old-fashioned analog timepiece with the brains of a digital. You get two machines that work together for one purpose: to give you the power to control time. The Advancer Hybrid is a f

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