Sunday, 13 July 2014

Stauer 1952 Flip Side Watch

Take it for a spin Inspired by classic rock and roll machines, the Stauer 1952 Flip Side Watch delivers real retro cool! I miss the days when a couple of quarters could get you anywhere you needed to go. Slide into a cool vinyl booth, flip the metal pages, press the buttons and wait. Jukeboxes were magic little machines that could take you Under the Boardwalk, " to Penny Lane " or climb in with The Little Od Lady from Pasedena " in minutes. It s getting harder and harder to find those classic contraptions which gave me the idea to craft our own magic little machine. " The Stauer 1952 Flip Side Watch is throwback tribute to the golden age of analog. In the grand old days before digital music, our favorite songs were delivered on physical platters of etched vinyl. Ingenious devices played the disc of our choice with the plunk of a coin and the push of a button. While we haven t loaded the Flipside with top 40 singles, we designed it with all the charm and nostalgia of those bygone days

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