Sunday, 13 July 2014

Stauer 1939 Aviator Chronograph

From bomber to boardroom Modeled after a World War II combat classic, the 1939 Aviator Chronograph flies again! It takes a special kind of person to become a wartime fighter pilot. The job requires nerves of steel; rock-solid determination to be a raptor in the skies and the soul of a warrior who is committed to duty. It takes a special kind of man to aim a plane straight for the sun, then pull a 360 and barrel roll toward his opponent, guns blazing, ripping the enemy to tatters. Extraordinary pilots demand extraordinary equipment. In the cockpit, a superb chronograph is an absolute necessity. Our 1939 Aviator Chronograph is based on international styles circa 1939. The original was designed wider than the average men s watch 54 mm in diameter with extra-large numerals to enhance readability in low-light situations. The hands are luminescent, including the arrow and two dots signifying Twelve O clock High. Its black leather band is extra wide and extra-long, reflecting the aviator tra

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