Sunday, 13 July 2014

Skai Tanzanite Necklace

Born from lightning Africa s rarest gemstone has never burned brighter, but this blue-violet beauty won t last forever Lightning storms at majestic Mt. Kilimanjaro are infrequent, but when they strike, they hit with such a ferocity that the results can be astounding. Without the fury of lightning, we wouldn t be able to bring you our stunning new Skai Tanzanite Necklace. In 1967, lightning exploded across Kilimajaro s landscape and scorched the earth. The heat was so intense that it changed the rock under the surface. Maasai tribesmen later walked the blackened land and discovered a blue-violet stone they had never before seen. This stone is now called tanzanite, and the small area around Mt. Kilimanjaro is the only place on earth where tanzanite can be found. Currently, production in the mines has slowed, because it s getting harder and harder to find raw tanzanite, and that has a lot of people worried. The gem is becoming more and more popular, and, unfortunately, the mines can t ke

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