Sunday, 13 July 2014

Mirador Diamondaura Earrings

Million dollar ocean view ruined by earrings We stepped quietly, secretly on to the balcony. But I knew our alone time would be short lived. The amazing view was just too seductive to ignore. Her Mirador DiamondAura Earrings turned all heads. The sparkle captivated our attention. The design impressed our imagination. But the price, took our breath away. The Mirador is a masterpiece of fine art and advanced science. Crafted in a laboratory, our exclusive DiamondAura stones are visually superior to some of the most coveted diamonds in the world. DiamondAura retains every jeweler s specification including color, cut, clarity and carat weight. Set in .925 sterling silver, your earrings showcase a marquise-cut centerpiece, surrounded by sparkling DiamondAura rounds. I ll never forget the view from that balcony The Mirador Earrings. The million dollar view of the ocean it didn t stand a chance.

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