Sunday, 13 July 2014

Duchess Blue Chalcedony Necklace & Bracelet Set

A man who sacrifices the throne of England should get a free pass But even after choosing Wallis Simpson over the crown, Edward VIII still had plenty of romantic work to do. Impressing his beloved became a full-time job for The Man Who Used to be King. " And it was an expensive one, since Simpson s love of luxury jewelry was legendary. Thankfully, the Duke of Windsor had impeccable taste. The Duchess was particularly smitten with her blue chalcedony jewelry, crafted by a famous Italian designer. She was so fond of the powdery blue hue that she wore it constantly. Our Duchess Blue Chalcedony Collection is an elegant tribute to her favorite gemstone. The Necklace features a dramatic blue chalcedony teardrop, polished smooth and cradled in a sterling silver setting layered with rich rose gold. The unique swoop and sparkling bail both glimmer with stunning lab-created Diamond Aura ™ rounds and the entire pendant dangles from an 18 rose gold-layered chain. The 7 ½ " companion bracelet d

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