Friday, 6 June 2014

Yttria Stud Earrings

Rare mineral sends diamond dealers into a panic What the heck is Yttrium? A rare element that, in small amounts, can be used to create the most spectacular stone on Earth. First found in Sweden, gemologists use this mineral to create a stone that can surpass the color of the finest and rarest canary diamonds. For years, rare canary yellow diamonds could fetch above $20,000 a carat. They have been sought after by investors and celebrities who were forced to pay the price because nothing else could capture that color, that fire and that brilliance of the fancy vivid yellow stones. But by using a mixture of chemistry and romance, heat and gem cutting precision, science has come along and upended the diamond market. Yttria™ is a stone so stunning, so well cut, and with so much fire that diamond traders simply don t know what to do with themselves. Now this beauty and chemistry is available to a lucky few for the first time. In the first year, less that 100,000 carats of Yttria will be a

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