Friday, 6 June 2014

Sun And Stars Diamondaura Earrings

She s your heaven on Earth Limited quantity available In extremely rare circumstances, the warming glow of love burns brighter than the Sun. But with her, you know the love you have is pure and so, it burns even brighter. You know that the love of your life is so rare, it also outshines the stars. This type of heavenly love is the inspiration for Stauer s Sun and Stars Diamond Aura ├é Earrings. These celestial beauties are designed with lab-created Diamond Aura centerpieces whose sparkle rivals that of the sun. It s surrounded by smaller Diamond Aura rounds that reflect the light back onto the central stone with enough brilliance to make the stars jealous. The over 1½-carat Diamond Aura in these earrings pop against the silver finish, creating a beautiful reminder that she s your heaven on Earth.

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