Thursday, 5 June 2014

Stauer Regatta Chronograph Watch

Your majesty, there is no second. Assemble your crew, raise your sails and aim for the horizon with the Stauer Swiss-Made Regatta Chronograph Watch It was a late summer day in 1851 when the upstart crew from New York left 15 other British yachts in its wake. According to legend, Queen Victoria was in attendance at the finish line. When the U.S.-based schooner America arrived 18 minutes before everyone else, she asked who was second. Your majesty, there is no second, was the famous reply. When the America won that 53-nautical-mile race around the Isle of Wight, it launched a sailing dynasty. Their regatta victory won them the respect of the world, it let them claim the sterling silver trophy and earned them the right to rename the prestigious race. Over 150 years later, those racing traditions live on. Inspired by history s greatest yacht races, the Swiss-made, Stauer Regatta Chronograph Watch is a stainless steel, precision time machine designed for life on the open water. Built to th

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