Thursday, 5 June 2014

Stauer 1943 A F C Watch

War hero makes a comeback You never question a direct order. But when the general asked his radio operator to relocate those German tanks, the young soldier requested specifics. This time, the general made himself clear. Where else? Send them all to hell, son! The clock started the instant he called the airstrike. His squad had 10 minutes to put serious distance between them and the advancing column of enemy armor. Running late was not an option. Proper timing was the difference between life and death. Soldiers depended on their watches. And even though you may have less at stake, your timepiece should still be up to the task. Today, Stauer reintroduces a legendary WWII watch design, straight out of the history books, for a price that will really take you back. The Stauer 1943 AFC (Allied Field Chronograph) was inspired by the heroic actions of the Greatest Generation. It combines vintage military design with rugged materials. The bold black and white dial recalls the workhorse watche

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