Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Neutron Digital Watch

Upgrade your Time Computer Way back in 1972, when bell bottoms and pale blue tuxedos were far out, the first all-electronic wristwatch was introduced. The old-fashioned dial and hands were gone. Instead, the watch, advertised as a Time Computer, displayed the time in red, digital letters at the push of a button. It was one of the earliest consumer products of the microelectronics revolution, and sold for roughly the same price as a 72 Chevrolet Vega a cheap $2,100. Today, that would come out to about $11,400. The Stauer Neutron won t make you break the bank, and it offers more functionality and style than that first digital watch ever did. The 54mm Neutron is incredibly easy to read in low-light situations especially since it has a blue-tinted backlight. It also functions as a stopwatch, alarm clock, and a chronograph. Its modernistic alloy case and sturdy strap are as night black as a neutron star. It s a distinctive wristwatch made for today s man or, as we ex-hippies would say, it

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