Friday, 6 June 2014

Diamondaura Casanova Earring Collection (Set Of All 3)

All romantic gifts are not created equal Stauer has the solution for impressing your love without leaving a dent in your wallet! Here s the hard truth: flowers wilt, chocolates melt, and cute stuffed animals are for kids. You need to show up with an expression of your love that will last. You need to bring her our Diamond Aura  Casanova Earrings. These elegant, pear-shaped, lab-created Diamond Aura teardrops dangle from hoops of .925 sterling silver and brilliant-cut white rounds. Each pair is crafted through an exclusive scientific process that creates a fabulous, near-flawless stone with more fire than any fancy colored mined diamond. They ll sparkle long after the roses have lost their color and the champagne has given up its fizz. And the best part? For a limited time only, they are available at this exclusive Stauer price! That leaves plenty of change in your pocket for a night on the town!

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