Monday, 16 June 2014

Big Blue Agate Bangle

The Big Bangle Theory Seers and shamans claim that gems contain strange and wondrous powers. Legends say that the wearer of an agate bracelet will receive strength and healing from the colorful gemstone. And agate was thought to ward off nightmares while giving insightful dreams. Could it really be magic? Or is it just powerful science? We believe that more than one thing transforms rock and lava into gems of rare beauty. Geologically speaking, agates form through a cryptocrystalline process inside pockets deep within host rocks. It takes a few billion years of incredible volcanic heat and pressure inside the earth to create the breathtaking end result. Once Mother Nature is through with all that magic and science, artists take over and transform her work into something sublime. Our Big Blue Bangle is an exceptionally bold statement for every lady of fashion. Each bracelet features a parade of extra-wide, kaleidoscopic agates that stretch to fit your wrist. The stones are identically

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