Wednesday, 18 June 2014

3-Strand Georgica Necklace

Easthampton elegance Our timeless classic of American luxury inspired by a legendary First Lady and priced for every lady! In 1962, Jackie was the queen of American society. She possessed a beauty and style that captured the allure of Camelot and exemplified her timeless fashion sense. Why timeless? Well, look at the piece of jewelry she made most famous: her elegant triple strand of pearls. Women all across America wanted that same pearl necklace and paid hundreds of dollars for jewelry store replicas. They had no idea the First Lady s pearls were made of glass, but it wasn t really about the pearls. It was the look. The First Lady wasn t breaking new ground so much as she was continuing a grand tradition that began when the first pearls were strung together. Our classic 3-Strand Georgica Necklace gives you the same grace and beauty of pearls without the exorbitant price tag. This trend-proof necklace is made of three strands of lustrous, organic orbs that are expertly crafted from n

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