Wednesday, 18 June 2014

24K Gold-Dipped Oak Leaf Pendant

Take home the most romantic color of the season with genuine leaves dipped in luxurious 24K gold! We walked through the woods because she loved the color of the leaves. The setting sun bathed every blazing orange and brilliant yellow in golden light. But the magic never seemed to last for long. Every day the night came quicker and the air grew colder. Fall gave way to winter and soon the trees were stripped bare. Bring them back, " she begged. I always wished I could. Now at last I ve found a way. Who says money doesn t grow on trees? Throughout history man has searched for ways to transform ordinary objects into gold. Now science can finally turn those dreams into reality. Technically this Autumn Alchemy " is called electroforming. But we just call it beautiful. Each of our 24K Gold- Dipped Leaf Pendants begins with a real leaf. Skilled artisans carefully coat each uniquely-shaped leaf with rich 24K gold until the beauty of nature is captured forever in a work of precious art. The pr

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