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How to Choose a Bridesmaid Dress for a Formal Wedding

With so many different styles of bridesmaid dresses available today choosing the perfect one can be a pretty difficult task. When searching for

These days, there are so many different styles of bridesmaid dresses available that it is often overwhelming to choose the perfect ones. When searching for beautiful bridesmaid dresses for the most important ladies that you know it is essential to first consider the formality of your event. The formality of your day should match your bridesmaid dresses accordingly.
If you are hosting a very formal wedding, you will ultimately want your bridesmaids to wear more formal dresses. If you choose bridesmaid dresses that are not as formal as the rest of your event, it can throw off the balance of your entire wedding party leaving you with somewhat awkward wedding photos.

There are several important factors to keep in mind when choosing the best bridesmaid dresses for your formal wedding including length, style and cut, colors, and accessories. Once you have found bridesmaid dresses that not only make you happy, but your bridesmaids as well, your entire event will be flawless.

Bridesmaid Dresses

Formal A-Line Floor Length Satin Bridesmaid/Evening Dress


The first factor to consider when searching for very formal bridesmaid dresses is the length. If you are hosting a formal wedding, note that longer bridesmaid dress will always be considered more formal than shorter length dresses. If you can see the knees or ankles of your bridesmaids, their dresses are automatically grouped into the casual and informal categories, perfect for beach or destination weddings. Even the most formal styled short length dresses are not going to have the impact that a longer dress has during a formal event.

Style and Cut

With regard to bridesmaid dresses, just about any style and cut has the ability to look formal, depending on how it is worn. However, certain styles are quite obviously seen as more formal than others. High waist bridesmaid dresses, for example, give off a more traditional and classic look, and are usually better for the more formal events. Empire waist bridesmaid dresses also tend to look ultra-formal due to the way that they are cut, and the way that they so elegantly fall to the floor.

If an empire waist gown is not your idea of perfect bridesmaid dress for the women that you feel closest to you have several other options to choose from. For instance, both strapless and strapped gowns can look very formal depending on their length and general cut. Opt for a strapless chiffon dress with pleating detail at the bust and a beading neckline, or perhaps an elegant strapless A-line Floor-Length Bridesmaid Gown with a mermaid bottom and and crisscross design on the bust. With all of the options available you can ensure that each of your bridesmaids feels beautiful in their gowns. A satin, empire ball gown bridesmaid dress, with a chiffon halter and ruched sash, can be just as formal as a satin strapless ball gown with pick up detailing on the skirt and a matching sash at the waist, depending on the style, cut, and color, as discussed in more detail below.


Another very important factor to consider when searching for more formal bridesmaid gowns is the colors that you choose. When you are looking through the multiple bridesmaid dress options, the colors that you choose are going to further define the formality of your event. For instance, darker colors, such as black, dark blues, dark purples, and deep reds will have a tendency to give off a more formal feel. On occasion, depending on what the rest of your wedding party and event look like, bridesmaid dresses in gold and silver hues can also look very formal. Traditionally, however, the deeper colors, as suggested by the “black-tie affair” motif, are the most formal.


Accessories, which can accompany their beautiful gowns, are another factor to consider when searching for a formal look for your bridesmaids. If you are taking time to find extremely formal bridesmaid gowns for your bridal party, you want to be sure you devote just as much time into finding the perfect accessories for them as well. A well thought out ensemble for your bridesmaids will help to continue the cohesive nature of your event. For instance, for very formal dresses, you will want to have shoes that are high-heeled and classic looking. You might also consider pairing your bridesmaid dresses with timeless shawls, hand bags, or other high-end and formal accessories. The addition of these accessories can only further enhance the formality of your wedding day and your wedding photos as well.

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