Friday, 30 September 2011

Tips for Choosing a Plus Size Wedding Dress

Tips for Choosing a Plus Size Wedding Dress

Selection of plus size wedding dress to fit any full curves; give support to large bust and disguised tummy. Read the following tips:

1. Know carefully about the features of different dress styles. A-line is versatile and flattering on almost all body shapes. Its long line of the princess can create the illusion of height on shorter body, as well as slim down a round and full figure. The ball gown is ideal for pear-shaped figures but it doesn't compliment full-breasted bride well as the full skirt can make the bust look larger. The design of empire dress features high waistline just sitting below the bust, so it leaves a big volume for your unwanted body parts undefined. Besides, the traditionally square neckline of empire dress can help conceal a large bust due to the control of your breasted size. The mermaid cut is not perfect for everyone as the design hugs your body closely to show every curve. So it's never the best choice for plus size women.

Princess Cut Sweetheart Beaded Satin Plus Size Wedding Dress 

2. A dress should be worn comfortably. Make sure you can move, talk and dance in your dress. When getting the dress, you should practice by wearing it for 15 minutes every day until the wedding ceremony is held. Try to stand up and sit down.

3. Don’t hope to lose weight on purpose for a perfect dress. That will stress you and transform the task of finding dresses to a nightmare. A curvaceous body is something to celebrate.

4. A not all white and less harsh colored dress can flatter full-figured women well. The cream and ivory dress are the most perfect to create a traditional look instead of all white.

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